A selection of great Get Well Soon Gift ideas

When you’re facing illness yourself, a get well soon gift is not usually your first consideration. However, it takes a caring and thoughtful person who can think of delightful and practical gifts that will bring a smile to the face of someone going through the pain and worry of illness. In the past, a beautiful recovering from surgery or illnesses would often receive beautiful bouquets as a get well wish from their loved ones.

These days, many hospitals ban flowers on their wards which presents a challenge when thinking of appropriate gifts for the person you care about. If you’re looking for get well soon gift ideas for family members or friends you will find some ideas here for the perfect gift that will be appreciated and remembered maybe even for years to come.


CosmeticsOften when you’re not feeling your best on the inside, it’s important for you to look your best on the outside.  There’s something about putting on your best on the outside to affect how you feel.  On a personal note, one of the best gifts I received when I was going through chemotherapy treatment was a beauty bag containing a number of good quality makeup items.  It was ideal, as at the time I had lost my eyebrows and eyelashes so my makeup bag (such as it was at the time) was a vital piece of my artillery when preparing to go out and face the world.  The makeup bag, for me, was indispensible and I’ll be forever grateful to the lovely lady who gifted me with it.

  • Makeup – made from natural ingredients
  • Pamper hamper
  • Organic beauty products gift box
  • Aromatherapy gift box


For foodies

For foodiesCertain illnesses cause one to experience a loss of appetite.  At these times there may be specific foods that one wishes to eat or that make one feel better.  It may be that your appetite is normal for you but receiving a treat in the form of a food gift box could be just the thing to make you feel loved and uplifted.  You may wish to encourage your loved one to eat foods specifically to help heal the body.

  • Chocolate gift box
  • Healthy teas gift box
  • Tea and biscuits/cake gift set
  • Healthy snacking gift box
  • Healthy teas gift box
  • Organic soup gift box

Comfy clothing

Maintaining a comfortable body temperature is important during illness.  When your extremities are below your normal temperature a pair of slipper socks or a knitted beanie could be just the thing to help you retain that all important body heat.  On those days when you can do nothing more than curl up on your sofa, a fleecy blanket (although not strictly an item of clothing) or a onesie will see you right.

  • Slipper socks
  • Pyjamas
  • Dressing gown
  • Onesies
  • Beanies
  • Blankets

Practical gifts

Non spill coffee cupThis category of gifts is not necessarily intended for get well soon gift ideas.  These are simply gifts that are useful gifts to make life easier or more straightforward during illness.  For example, travel mugs are an excellent choice for maintaining the temperature of a hot drink – making trips to the kitchen less frequent.  An added benefit is that a drink is less likely to end up being thrown down the sink if it can be kept warm for a greater lenght of time.

  • Personalised mugs
  • Travel mugs
  • Orchid

Pampering gifts

massage flip flopsWhat more could you want to make you feel better than a gift to pamper you?  Whether a foot massager (the next best thing to a personal massage therapist) to help you feel relaxed or a heat pad to help with pain relief, any of these get well soon gift ideas will soothe away pain and tension in the body and encourage rest and relaxation.

  • Foot massager
  • Massage cushion
  • Microwavable heat pad
  • Personalised cushion

Creativity and productivity

journalYour loved one who has an extended stay in hospital may start to climb the walls before long without something to stay focused on and occupied with.  A good book can help to take the mind off unhappy thoughts and with the right storyline can even contribute towards feeling better within oneself.  Alternatively, someone feeling unwell may benefit from more productive activities that enable them to express their thoughts and feelings.  A lot has been written recently on the subject of mindfulness and the benefits of training one’s thoughts towards the positive.  Thoughts create feelings and feelings affect how one feels in their bodies.

  • Books and magazines
  • Personal journal
  • Adult art therapy – mindfulness colouring books
  • Book of reflections
  • Craft therapy gift box

Choose well

When you’re looking for yourget well soon gift ideas, be mindful of the type of illness your friend or loved one is experiencing.  It may be that they are facing a long stay in hospital or it may be that there will be a long recovery period at home.  Choose accordingly.  Decide whether your aim is to lift their spirits or whether to provide something to make the long days of recovery more bearable with something to increase the productivity of the one going through illness.  It may help to speak with family members if you aren’t particularly close to them.

Are you wanting to do something that will encourage healing and recovery?  Perhaps a range of healthy teas would be something you should consider.  Herbal teas are known for their high antioxidant content – in particular, green tea and rooibos tea.  There are teas that are helpful for relaxation and some are used for helping with digestion.

Do some research and approach the buying of gifts with sensitivity.  This is especially important if buying a gift for a patient with a long term or even a terminal illness. The temptation may be to give up for fear of causing offence or creating a misunderstanding.  My advice is to err on the side of boldness and buy a gift – even one that might be considered unsuitable.  After all – they say it’s the thought that counts.





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